Installation 52xCD-RW

  Kneetype 13:56 11 Jan 04

I have installed the above to the instructions provided, but it does not want to run. Have I got to enable something in the BIOS?? If so, gis a clue as to what.



  MichelleC 14:11 11 Jan 04

Somewhere in the bios is an 'auto detect all drives' option.

  Stuartli 15:10 11 Jan 04

Do you also have a CD/DVD-ROM drive? If so then the rewriter's jumper should be set as Master and the CD/DVD-ROM drive as Slave.

Also enable DMA for both drives and disable Auto Insert Notification for the CD/DVD-ROM drive as the burning software normally controls its operation.

Best to keep the rewriter purely for burning purposes as it will extend its life span considerably - use the basic drive for audio CDs, software installation etc.

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