Benzo 16:40 23 Aug 04

i have a copy of windows

  Linux User! 16:42 23 Aug 04

Ok, would you like to elaborate a bit more?

  ma heeds nippen 16:47 23 Aug 04


  Benzo 16:50 23 Aug 04

i have a copy of windows 2000 professional which i would like to install onto one of my pc's it had xp pro on the harddrive but it has become somehow damaged (the files) i have baked up all of my data and i am going to install win 2k pro but i am not sure how to boot the disk and/or use a boot disk with ms dos i am also confused wether my disk is damaged or not and thats wyh it wont boot my pc is pf fairly high spec and this shouldnt be a problem (amd xp2000+ 512mb ram 120gig hdd ect) the hard drive has 1 partition

plz help
benzo ferrari

  Benzo 16:51 23 Aug 04

i am not sure if my cd rom is damaged or not ok

  Benzo 17:42 23 Aug 04

hello is n e 1 reading this? please post a response
Benzo ferrari!

  Benzo 18:00 23 Aug 04

any 1 no?

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