jeffg 20:59 17 Aug 04

I am running XP pro and have an external USB 2 250GB hard drive. I want to install windows me onto the external hard drive but can't figure out how to do it. Can you help please?

  Smegs 21:07 17 Aug 04

I don't have the answer, but, Have you tried to install the same way as you would an internal hard drive?

What have you tried, if anything?

  Smegs 21:10 17 Aug 04

What I mean, is, boot your pc then in w/explorer, click on the external drive and try it from there.

Or you could try putting it in your pc and installing ME that way. Just a thought.

  jeffg 22:04 17 Aug 04

I have tried that but it won't let me.

  Smegs 09:33 18 Aug 04

"I have tried that but it won't let me". What have you tried??

Can you tell us what you have and haven't tried please. If people start to reply to your thread, and they tell you something that you have already tried, then they are wasting thier time and yours.

Bit more info please.

  jeffg 19:50 18 Aug 04

I have tried to install it as you would on any internal drive but the disk's setup program looks at my pc drive and not the external drive.

  pmjd 20:33 18 Aug 04

Your motherboard would need to support booting from a USB device.

Win ME would need to be installed on a smaller partition as I think FAT32 filing system has limits at around 80 GB (but please do check).

I don't know if Win ME could handle suddenly going from C:\ to being an external drive, it would probably put it's plug and play in a spin.

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