Install Win7 using AHCI

  silver78 12 May 11

I'm thinking of doing a fresh install of W7 and setting BIOS to AHCI as I'm going to use an SSD. I keep reading up on AHCI but the results are confusing, do I set to AHCI in BIOS before W7 install or after? What effect would it have on my other installed O/s XP?. More importantly is there any real benefit running in AHCI mode as opposed to IDE and are any other drivers required?

  I am Spartacus 12 May 11

You need to set the BIOS to AHCI before installing Windows 7. However if you do that your XP installation will BSOD the next time you try to access it. The only benefit I'm finding with AHCI is that it seems to make the TRIM command work more efficiently (assuming the SSD supports TRIM).

You can reset your XP installation to AHCI retrospectively by following the steps here

If you want to switch a Vista or Windows 7 installation from AHCI to IDE or vice versa then Microsoft have released this excellent tool

  silver78 12 May 11

I am Spartacus

Thanks for the info, I had a look at the XP work-around but it seems to apply to Intel boards, mine is an AMD based system. Not to worry tho' it wouldn't be a hassle if I re-installed XP using AHCI on a different SSD. I do like playing around with various installs (it keeps Win Validation on its toes :)

Again, thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.


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