Install problem

I have recently downloaded two game demos which have failied to install.

The problem is not with the demos as they install fine on my son's machine, which uses the same OS, Windows XP Home.

On my machine, the files are extracted but the installer fails to start so everything points to a problem with my PC.

My concern is that this could effect the installation of software, whether it be games, utilities, etc.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

  ton 12:15 14 Mar 04

What is the error shown? (if there is one).

Hi, Ton.

I can't recall the error with one of the demos. Will try the installation again and make a note of the error messages.

With the other demo, the files are extracted but nothing happens after that, whereas on my son's machine, the installation process starts automatically.

I'm not sure if this is relevant but if I right click on the latest download and select 'run as' then click OK, the following error appears:

"WinZip Self-Ectraction header corrupt. Possible cause: bad disk or file transfer corrupt"

I know that the file is not currupt on the basis that it runs OK on my son's machine.

I have tried to install the other demo again to check the error message.

After the files have been extracted for the 'Wise Instllation Wizzard' I get an error message saying that the installation failed and to check temp folder is empty, which it is, close running programs, which I have done, although some can't be closed from the system tray, and check internet settings. This is followed by error code 6002.

I have looked at Microsoft's web site but this has not helped me in any way.

  ton 15:27 14 Mar 04

Try turning off your firewall or/and antivirus for the install.

Thanks, Tron.

I have already tried disabling NAV but this had no effect. I don't have a sofrware firewell package as this is built into my wireleas network router.


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