Install games on external drive

  ponytail 28 Dec 12

I recently changed from a desktop to a laptop and need to re-install my games.I did have XP but now have Windows 7.Most of the games are Windows 7 compatible but about five look like they are not as the container just mentions Windows ME,Vista and XP so not sure if I can install them perhaps someone can advise me I can list the games if needed.I presume if when I install the games I will be given the option of where to locate them.See my thread of earlier this week.Could someone advise.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 28 Dec 12

When installing any software you need to look for the Custom Install option

Most software is set to install into (XP) C:\Program Files\name of software

Custom Install will allow you to browse to another folder or partition or even drive, to install the software where you wish.

However there are some programs that will not allow you to install anywhere other than its own choice (Norton are particularly bad for this)

  Nontek 28 Dec 12

These are games I have successfully re-introduced to Win7 after changing from XP ....

Microsoft Flight Sim X (Deluxe), World Championship Snooker, Mahjong Towers, Pocket Tanks Deluxe, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Superbike 2000, Microsoft Links LS2000, Silent Hunter IV, Trainz Railroad Sim 2006.

and one which loads fine, but does NOT Play, one of my fav's, Rally Championship Extreme.

  Nontek 28 Dec 12

nearly forgot ... also Ship Simulator 2000, works fine.

  Chronos the 2nd 28 Dec 12

I have 120 games installed many going back to XP and I have yet to have little more than an odd tweak for all the games to run under Windows 7.

I not sure it would be wise to install your games on an external drive but you can certainly install then on a secondary drive. I have an internal HDD which has nothing more than my Steam games installation and other games.

My main hard-drive is a 128GB SSD so obviously I would struggle to get many games on that size of drive.


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