Inside the case

  zebbydog 10:54 12 Oct 03

I have now started doing bits myself thanks to this forum, Need i worry about arm bands etc when fitting new parts to upgrade as when i used to go to the shop they just put parts in and did not bother. What are the general views out there.

Do i have to go out and buy one ?


  plankton 11:01 12 Oct 03

If it makes you feel more secure go-ahead. For the sake of relative pennies, dont let it stop you doing something you'll probably enjoy, and get frustrated with, and throw tantrums about, and get drunk......;o))

  pj123 11:11 12 Oct 03

I build computers and, although I have anti static wristbands I have never used one. If you want a wristband let me know and I will post one to you.

  dan boy 11:31 12 Oct 03

I had a system made for me by a friend yesterday. It works fine and he didn't use one. If you don't want to waste money just ground yourself before you start. (touch psu, a radiator or something)

  zebbydog 12:48 12 Oct 03

Thanks for the offer but if you never use one i should be ok. Cheers Zebby

  wee eddie 20:53 12 Oct 03

If you have one of these in the vicinity of the PC, you will need a wrist band.

Otherwise just ground yourself on some earthed metal, and also remember that the oil from your fingers can also act as conductor.

  AndySD 21:01 12 Oct 03

I have on attached to the radiator next to where I work but I tend to only use it with processors and RAM.

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