inserting a picasso link in page plus 10 document

  claridge 09:43 AM 03 Sep 11

Have inserted a picasso link in my page plus 10 document and it will only open if I copy and paste and puzzled as to why I can't just click on it.

  gengiscant 10:25 AM 03 Sep 11

I assume you mean Picasa and Serif Pageplus 10. Now a few more details would help.

  Woolwell 10:33 AM 03 Sep 11

You can either embed a picture or link it. Which did you do? PagePlus 10 is very old and there is little support on the Serif site. However you could try their forums Serif Forums

  claridge 11:06 AM 03 Sep 11

Yes it's Serif page plus 10, I've described something and have lots of pics in a picasso online album to further describe, so have a link to these pics.

Have copied the link to add to the description so that someone should be able to click on the link and immediately be shown all pics in said link, but not behaving like a link ie not turning blue as it should etc However will open if copied and pasted into a search box.

  Woolwell 11:51 AM 03 Sep 11

Insert text stating something like a description of the photo highlight it and then insert hyperlink which will then give you the opportunity to give the address.

  claridge 12:12 PM 03 Sep 11

Many thanks.


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