inserting layers in frontpage 2002

  monkon2 20:46 30 Oct 04

i have been asked by a friend how to insert layers in a web page using frontpage 2002/xp, however , i went straight from office 97 to 2003 and have never used office xp, can anyone shed any light on this for me?

cheers in advance

  Taran 02:01 02 Nov 04

I could be wrong - it's been known once or twice ;o) - but I'm almost positive that layer support was not a feature of FrontPage until the current version, version 2003.

In fact, despite this ungodly hour, I distinctly remember that FrontPage 2002 does not do layers as such. You can hand code them but there is no point and click routine built in that actually produces something that works on the mainstream browsers.

FrontPage 2003 has very nice layering tools, but versions prior to that just don't have the same sort of layering support that the likes of Dreamweaver did/does.

  monkon2 00:05 03 Nov 04

thanks for the info, much appreciated, always took it for granted that layer tools had been in previous versions, learn something new everyday


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