Inserting .exe into web page

  slowhand_1000 21:15 10 Jun 03

Is it possible to get a small .exe prog to start within a page when the page is opened.

To put you in the picture. My website has a section called Tea Break, put there by request of a client. Within the section I have a few Java games, only simple stuff and one of them is a game called Tetris.

I have since found a very small Tetris game (70 kb) that is by far superior to the one I have, it is a .exe file. I have got the link from the page to the server but when clicked it wants to download to the users pc.

Now there are two things wrong with it doing that. Firstly a lot of people will not download progs from unknown source and secondly if they download it there's no reason to come back to the site to play it again.

So the question is - is it a yes or is it a non starter.



  User-312386 00:15 11 Jun 03

but as a java programme rather than an .exe click here

  slowhand_1000 09:23 11 Jun 03

cheers madboy33™
It looks like I stick with java then. Unless I can find a way of disabling the 'Save this program to disk' option when the link to the .exe is activated. Therefore they have to 'Run this program from current location'. mmmmmmm

  User-312386 09:30 11 Jun 03

i really dont know with regards to an .exe

maybe someone else know ?

  Jester2K II 18:06 21 Jun 03

slowhand_1000 - it where that easy to just get an exe to run in a browser when visiting a page can you think of the implications???


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