Inks From Third Parties.

  rdave13 20:21 08 Sep 12

Not sure if this should be in consumer watch or speakers corner or even here, but worth reading this blog.

Printing secrets?

  lotvic 23:49 08 Sep 12

That was interesting. I bought some large bottles of ink about 7/8 years ago when a shop was selling up. Am still using them to refill cartridges that came with Canon MP510, never had a problem so far.

  mole1944 06:25 09 Sep 12

Many years ago i tried re-filling and using remaufactured cartridges on an Epson printer with no luck at all,since then i got got an HP printer again tried compatable cartridges total rubbish,i now stick to makers own brand.Mind you i'm lucky my buisness means i can claim cost back from my employer.

  chub_tor 20:02 09 Sep 12

I have been using compatibles in a whole range of printers for the past 10 years and apart from a couple of duds I have had not problem with any of them. I usually buy from Inkredible.

I have attempted refilling but found it messy and inconvenient as I can never seal them as well as the re-manufacturers, consequently they either leak or dry out before I get to use them and I don't have time to do a refill myself when I am in the middle of a print job.

  Strawballs 20:11 09 Sep 12

I don't mind using compatibles in my HP as the print heads are in the cartridge so if duff just change the cart but my Epson no because I don't want to risk the print heads with naff ink

  The Old Mod 06:25 10 Sep 12

I've only ever owned Epson printers, about six to date and only ever used compatibles with no problems.

  Furkin 08:06 10 Sep 12

I was very reluctant initially, to use 3rd party stuff, but over the years (many of ‘em) I’ve gradually got used to it. I have never had a problem - nor know anyone else that has.
I’m sure that some brands are great,, and like other things,, some makes a carp !

I also collect the ink from – so called – ‘empty’ cartridges, and inject it into the next one.

But BEWARE: If you are considering doing that to save some bucks - not all brands are compatible.

When I recently added some ink to a new one, it turned the ink into a thick paste, and unusable. Obviously, they don’t all mix well. This was the first time it happened, but I have made a mental note to use ‘like with like’, just to get around the compatibility issue.

Mind you - I would have thought that a very slight modification to the base of the cartridges would enable the user to get 99.9% of the ink, instead of throwing it away.


PS: Tried posting this yesterday – more problems eh ?


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