jack 14:14 25 Mar 05

Have any of you all seen the ads in PCa for the above or browsed the site at

click here ?

Or dare I ask -- used them?

With the promised of cartirdges that are foamless and designed to be refilled with 'formulated' ink
as opposed to 'general purpose' ink it looks promising - or does it
Also of interest is the promised development
of continious ink supply systems for the Epson 'R' series.

  pj123 15:27 25 Mar 05

Well your link doesn't work so can't comment.

  €dstowe 15:29 25 Mar 05

This the page you intended?

click here

  €dstowe 15:34 25 Mar 05

90 quid for an ink refill kit?

I'll pass on that one.

  jack 17:50 25 Mar 05

Thank you CD
Well yess £90 does seem steep just like that excpet that so they say you get more usage -which compared to the full price for Epson set for say a R2/300

Well timw will tell I guess I can wait, perhaps I'll asked this question again in a month or so.

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