inkjet printable panasonic blank dvds..use a pen?!

  theDarkness 16:56 24 Dec 06

I didnt realise they were printable dvd discs until i
bought them- didnt fully the read the spindle! :O
..and they do the awkward thing and have a sticker
with info on the top of all these 25 disc spindles
anyway- so that u cant see the white of any disc!

i wouldnt have bought them otherwise, but does
anyone know if they scratch more easily than
normal blanks? im pretty sure my printer
(hp psc 1350) cannot print onto them so i dont
know if i can just use a soft felt tip on that
white, or if i should just get rid of them?

can i just buy sticky dvd/cd labels and put them
on? i think the surface is quite soft since its a
type of paper material i think so not sure if they
will stick... any info would b great !!! :) :) :)

its these ones here.... click here

£8 on here and £15 in pc world... b*st*rds! lol-

merry xmas

  LastChip 17:06 24 Dec 06

I don't know.

The dyes on discs can be finicky, but in principal, I can't see any reason why you shouldn't use a pen.

I actually use printable DVD's quite a lot, and all I'm doing is placing ink (from my printer) on the surface.

Is a pen too much different to that?

The short answer is, try one and see.

  theDarkness 17:13 24 Dec 06

yeah good point... :) ill try a soft pen!
even though my printer prob cant do the job as far as i know, is there a way of knowing for sure, as theres nothing in my hp manual mentioning it?

..and when you print onto your discs using your printer, do you need to sit your disc into some sort of special holder so it stays in the one place?
my printer takes the paper from the bottom and prints it at the bottom also so i cant see how printing onto disc works! click here

any idea? cheers :) merry xmas

  LastChip 17:14 24 Dec 06

It has a special feed to load the CD/DVD.

  theDarkness 17:21 24 Dec 06

did u get the holder with your printer? not sure if i could get one seperately if my printer could do it, might try and look for an hp forum! :) thanks

  wjrt 17:28 24 Dec 06

you get special pens for writing on these do not use ordinary ballpoint or felt tip. think they are like whiteboard pens or similar. at a pinch use a pencil

  theDarkness 17:33 24 Dec 06

what about printing out a label and trying to stick it on the surface? i think the spindle says not to though

  LastChip 17:45 24 Dec 06

The printer is designed to accept CD/DVD's. It's not an add-on, it's integrated into the printer.

Your printer will state clearly, if it has this capability. I don't think you would be in any doubt.

  theDarkness 17:49 24 Dec 06

theres nowt inside the printer tray to suggest it can b done so im prob stuck lol wheres that felt tip :D

  Stuartli 18:24 24 Dec 06

In the case of my Epson R300 (and other models) a printable CD or DVD is placed on a special removable tray.

This is fed into the printer via a dedicated channel and rollers mechanism and the information is then printed onto the disk.

Epson provides EpsonCD software to set up the required text and images which you wish to print on to the disk.

You can't just print onto a CD or DVD unless your printer offers the facility.

  Fingees 18:30 24 Dec 06

You can use a pen, but make sure it's designed for writing on Cds anyway, to be on the safe side.They come usually in packs of 3 for about £3.99

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