Inkjet photo paper for a laser printer?

  kjrider 27 Nov 07

Hi there

I have finall got rid of my nasty inkjet printers (Never will I buy another Lxxxxk printer).

My new Xerox colour Laser printer works fine. I have got some laser photo paper for it and it good.

I also have a good stock of inkjet photo paper. Whats the difference? Can I use inkjet photo paper on the colour laser printer?


  ajm 27 Nov 07

No. Do not use inkjet photo paper on the colour laser printer. It will not print on the surface and will be smudgy. There are photo paper available for colour lasers. Staples sell them.

  pj123 27 Nov 07

No, do not use inkjet gloss on a laser. The heat of the drum will melt the coating on the paper. Then no more laser printer!!!

  Totally-braindead 27 Nov 07

I've read that using inkjet photo paper on a laser can damage the printer, I wouldn't risk it.

  amonra 27 Nov 07

Ask around your friends, someone will want injet paper. It's too expensive to waste.

  johntucker 10 Jan 08

Hey everybody I just tried the inkjet papers which I got from freephotopaper and I should say that the prints were beautiful on both the gloss and satin.I highly recommend you to check out their product.If you want a inkjet paper which prints beautiful then you should probably go for this product.I suggest you order today itself.

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  Technotiger 10 Jan 08

For a Laser printer ???

  Totally-braindead 10 Jan 08

johntucker please read a thread before posting. I can only assume you haven't done so as using inkjet paper in a laser printer is dangerous. The website you link to is not even a UK company which makes me wonder if this is advertising.

  Technotiger 10 Jan 08

....makes me wonder if this is advertising.

Hi, I was thinking exactly the same!

  Stuartli 10 Jan 08

I bought a pack of Xerox Business paper from Lidl the other day (bargain for 500 A4 sheets at £2.99).

The pack states it's for laser, copier and inkjet use and safe with all printing technologies.

As Xerox is a highly regarded brand....:-)

  Woolwell 10 Jan 08

I use the same paper for general printing on an inkjet and laser but I would not use inkjet photo paper with a laser.


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