Inkjet cartridge drying up

  TATHS 15:11 31 Jul 05

I have an HP mono-laser and a Lexmark 5700 colour inkjet. I use the latter very rarely - half a dozen times a year at most - and frequently find the cartridge has dried up. I can buy an Epson C46 inkjet for the cost of the two Lexmark cartidges and even if the cartidges dried up just as frequently the cost per page would still be much lower. What would people advise?

  uisquebeathus 15:43 31 Jul 05

When you get the ink there is a padded guard around one end of the cartridge, it will protect and seal the cartridge while not in use, try to get in a habit of removing them a putting this guard back on.
if you dont any manufactores cartridge will dry out over time.

  pj123 15:47 31 Jul 05

I would go for the Epson. I have 3 Epson printers and to stop the ink drying out I usually do a test print as least once a week on all printers. Just a one page Word document with some colour on it is sufficient. Epson compatible ink cartridges for the C46 can be bought from click here

  €dstowe 19:08 31 Jul 05

Most of my inkjet printers are Epson but, all brands will dry out if not used regularly. Epson are more of a problem than most as the printhead is part of the printer and not the cartridge as in many others.

Not to despair, though. By follow pj123's advice and printing a test page once a week on any brand of printer will keep it operable - and waste a lot less ink than trying to clean the printheads.

  Pooke 20:52 31 Jul 05

Your advice is SPOT ON, that's exactly what I do.

Print a test document once or so a week that uses colour and black ink.

Good tip!

  Danoh 20:56 31 Jul 05

I did suffer from some ink drying out on my Epson in the past, even though I printed more than once a week. I followed advice to leave my Epson powered up all the time as that leaves the ink cartridges positioned over the printheads. No problems since then.

  pj123 10:20 01 Aug 05

Danoh. I agree. I was told by Epson some time ago not to switch the printer off. All mine are now left powered up and I have no problems either.

  quack 19:26 01 Aug 05

Ink jet cartridges that have apparently dried out can usually be restored to use by removing the cartridge and standing it in a saucer of hot (not boiling) water for a couple of minutes. Wipe the cartridges carefully with a soft tissue before putting them back into the printer.

  Enoch 14:10 02 Aug 05

I use Lexmark and I remove the ink cartridge, wipe the nozzle area with a damp (warm water) paper towel. This has worked frequently after not using the printer for a week or more

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