Ink for printers

  daisy2bell 07:30 28 Sep 04

I read somewhere that epson adds something to their ink to stop the nozzles from getting blocked.
A fried of mine always gets the cheap ink (compatibles) and constantly suffers from blocked nozzles. I always get the authentic stuff because of this.
Am I right

  kspatto 11:19 28 Sep 04

try here they guarantee their ink and it gets good reviews click here

epson is known to have a problem with blockages try a seach of the forum you will find loads of opinions on ink (mostly what a rip off)


  Bapou 16:31 28 Sep 04

I've used compatibles for an Epson C62 since the originals were used up. £6.00 a pair from a local Saturday market stall and never a problem.

  Rogerfredo 16:55 28 Sep 04

I have just written to "inkcycle" about their "compatible" cartridges for my Epson Photo 875DC.
I have to use the cleaning cycle 2 or 3 times before the colours all print, and the colour matching is very poor.

  jack 16:57 28 Sep 04

All the mainstream sellers of Compat Carts
Gaurantee their good all allege same formulation as Epson - Take you pick the Ads in PCA

  pj123 17:40 28 Sep 04

I have used compatible cartridges from Choice Stationery at click here for some years now and have never had a problem. My current printers are Epson Photo 895, Epson R200 and Epson C64. Because they are all not used regularly I have made a "test print" in word which consists of 5 or 6 lines of black text and some coloured squares. I run this test print on all my printers at least once a week which keeps the printheads clean without the need to do a major cleaning cycle. Never had a problem with blocked printheads.

  maz2 18:18 28 Sep 04
  SANTOS7 18:21 28 Sep 04

I have used compats from 7dayshop for two years now in epson 680 never had a pj123 suggests if you housekeep your printer on a regular basis any problem will be minimised

  daisy2bell 17:17 29 Sep 04

Thanks guys

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