ink in a new printer ?

  Morpheus© 12:05 21 May 03

hi..when one buys a new printer,in my case it was the epson 680, are the cartridges full like they should be when you buy replacements, they lasted no time at all, so i got compatibles not much better, so i think i am going back to OEM ones.

am i right? thanks..

  Gongoozler 12:10 21 May 03

Hi Morpheus©, they are often smaller versions of the standard cartridges (e.g. 15ml where a standard one may be 38ml), but they should last a reasonable time. Compatibles should be the full quantity.

  Morpheus© 12:15 21 May 03

thanks for that..i will order some new ones.

I have heard that some printers including Epsons have to charge the print head when they are used for the very first time which means that the initial cartridges dont last long at all (but that should only affect the first ones).

Might be worth checking your print settings to make sure that your not using best quality when you might not need to.

  Morpheus© 12:30 21 May 03

good point...just ordered OEM ones, check it all out when i get them, should be to-morrow..

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