Initiating connection in ICS

  Pamrap 19:47 11 May 03

Can the client computer initiate the internet connection set up on the network when ICS is set up? If so how?

  Kitz E Kat 20:20 11 May 03

Not sure what your asking? I think you have 98 as the server and XP as the host right? Anyway the host has to initate ICS and the cient has access to the internet through the host. If say 98 was the host ie. the one with the modem ,then you set up ICS there and connect XP through 98. When you do this you will have to enable 98 with automatic IP addressing (DHCP), ie. it will assign an address to XP . I would be more interested in how you get on at Disconnecting from the internet from your client the problem is with 95 - 2000 there is no facility to remotely disconnect from a client machine, there is on XP, when it acts as the host does this work when XP is the client i cant say, but you will!!! Let me know how you gat on ,

  soy 21:07 11 May 03

If you have ICS setup correctly then yes, the second PC can initiate the connection. what would happen is the dial-up connection would pop up and automatically connect on the first PC.

  johnem 21:12 11 May 03

Pamrap, I have anetwork setup with W98SE machine as the host. If any of the other W98SE, W95 or XP machines try to access the internet and the host is not online, then the modem automatically dials up, provided you have set up the modem to autodial and remember your access password.
Unfortunately, once the modem has been initiated, it is not normally practical to remote disconnect and you will have to wait for the auto timeout process. Be aware that some ISP's do not support or even approve of networked machines, you may be in breach of your contract. Also some ISP's are requesting that you set the inactivity timeout for disconnection to a maximum of 20 minutes.
If you have got XP on one of your machines and it has a modem, you might get better results by using the XP machine as host.
Hope this is of some help.

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