Information - SSD and Crucial kit

  Dark Mantis 14:09 01 Apr 10

Just in case others fall into the trap I just climbed out of! I recently bought a Corsair Performance 256Gb SSD and thought I would install it as boot device for a performance shot. I also purchased a very nice Crucial kit to help the installation. It came with everything 5.25" mount, 3.5" mount, inner case, leads even a soft carry case. The Crucial part number is CTSK01. Now the kit is fine in most ways eg for use as a USB external drive etc. but when I tried to install it inside my case it would only work for data. Everytime I tried to boot form it to install Windows7(32 and 64bit) it would crash so far into the installation. In the end I resolved to RMA the drive back to Corsair and contacted them for an RMA number. However I thought I would give it one last try and removed it from the Crucial kit and plugged it directly into the motherboard via a SATA cable. Suddenly the problems were gone. Obviously there was some sort of conflict between the SSD chips and the chips in the Crucial kit.

  EARLR 15:10 01 Apr 10

What did crucial say when you contacted them?

  Dark Mantis 18:27 01 Apr 10

I haven't had a reply yet from Customer Support so I posted it on their forum also.

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