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  n4165si 17:09 21 Jul 08

My sons Dell computer has died on him and Dell are going to repair it ,but he wants to know how on earth can you get a back of the hard drive now the unit is dead,he cannot get past the the start button. they are going to change the motherboard and all the data will be lost if he cant find a method to extract the data prior to the repair

  crosstrainer 17:11 21 Jul 08

Have Dell said this? If they are replacing the motherboard, then the data one your son's machine should remain intact.

  n4165si 17:19 21 Jul 08

He spoke to them today and this is what they told him. i have already explained to him that the data should not be lost as they are not changing the hard drive ,but i could be wrong.

  Pamy 17:28 21 Jul 08

If he doubts your word and crosstrainer word then he must ask Dell

  cream. 17:40 21 Jul 08

If it is a desktop computer and you are also using a desktop computer. You could whip it out and connect it to your computer. You should be able to see the files, so copy them over.

Then pop the hard drive back into the dell.

  n4165si 18:25 21 Jul 08

Thank you all for the information
Percy Vere
would i need any special lead to do this?

  cream. 18:50 21 Jul 08


Depending on the type of hard drive i.e IDE or SATA

There is two ways you can do this.

1) With both machines turned off. Open the case of the dell machine and locate the hard drive. If it has a flat wide grey data cable going into the rear, it's an IDE hard drive. If it has a thin wired cable running into the rear, it's a SATA drive.

This method presumes it's an IDE hard drive.

a) Open your case and look at the rear of the optical drive ( DVD ). Is it the same flat wide ribbon cable? If it is, ease out the ribbon cable ( note it has a red stripe down one side ) and ease out the 4 pin power connecter.Then take out the cable and power connecter of the dell. Place the computers side by side and place the ribbon cable and power conncter frm your DVD into the dells hard drive.

Power up the machine and look into my computer for the drive. Transfer data across to your hard drive or burn to disk.

If it's a SATA drive

b) Take out the data cable from the motherboard of the dell and plug it into your motherboard. Add a power connecter from your power supply. Start your machine and transfer data as above.

The second option, if the cables will not reach, is to take the drive out of the dell and move it to your machine. You do not have to screw it into the case, just lay it on some cardboard so the drive will not short out.

  woodchip 18:56 21 Jul 08

Take the drive out and fit as Slave in another computer and copy or move all your files off it

  n4165si 10:42 22 Jul 08

Percy Vere and woodchip
Thank you both for this info ,i now understand whats required,Thanks

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