Information on a Navman Pin 570 required?.

  spuds 14 Aug 11

I have just obtained some sealed box Navman Pin 570's, which were for the French, German market.

Question that I am asking: Should the internal battery charge from new, when first plugged into the mains charger, or is there a procedure to follow before doing this?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Aug 11

Yes it should and you must charge fully before disconnecting from mains.

Also allow it to fully discahrge before recharging do this at least three times, this procedure will ensure good battery life.

  spuds 15 Aug 11

Fruit Bat, thank you for the response, I have been trying to reply, but it would appear that my 'extended thread' requests are being denied by the PCA website. So hopefully this third attempt will get through?.

The new boxed sealed device we have tested on opening will not functioning either from battery power or mains charger- adapter (doa?). So we were wondering if the software (5 cd's) needs to be installed via the computer first?.

We have a 'used' Navman Pin 570, with all the software installed, which seems to work from the mains charger - adapter, but not from the battery. Trying to charge the battery over an extended period doesn't even activate the charging light?.

Information regarding batteries and charging seems very sketchy from the Navman manuals and from other internet searches. We can obtain batteries for this device, but was wondering before further expense, if there might be other suggestions?.

Any help would be appreciated in resolving the issues raised.


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