Info Please

  eljanno 09:39 23 Mar 04

Can someone help me out here,please I want to put XP pro on to a computer that currently is running ME, can I just install over ME or do I have to format first, and if so do I need a boot disk this will be the first time I have done this but I have to start somewhere, can someone point me in the right direction please.
Thanks for your help.

  leo49 09:55 23 Mar 04

click here

The above'll give you a walk through and info about the screens you'll see.

You don't have to format first as you can choose the advanced option on the XP install and it'll then format for you.

It's actually quite painless - though do be sure and read each prompt screen carefully so as to choose the correct option.[MS perversely change the key to press to continue the install at almost every stage and keep asking whether you really want to do this].

  eljanno 13:42 23 Mar 04

Thanks for that Leo, its a great help.

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