Info on BW laser printers

  Newuser2 17:46 21 Apr 04

I very tempted to but a BW laser printer the Konica Minolta PagePro 1300 to be precise.
If the printer is not used for a few days or infrequently, would this sort of use be a problem.
I ask as I have no knowledge of laser printers.

  AndySD 17:49 21 Apr 04

My old trusty HP1100 laserjet only gets occasional useage and as for a new toner cartridge well this one is 4 years old and still going with no problems.

  spuds 17:51 21 Apr 04

Shouldn't be a problem at all.Buy and enjoy, but check the price of cartridges and output rate.

  Shas 17:53 21 Apr 04

I have a HP Laserjet here at work, which is 5 years old now and although I don't actually switch it off, it has been unused for up to two weeks over the Christmas period for example. Never had a problem when I go to use it again. I think ink jets can be more problematic if not used for a time because the nozzles tend to get blocked. :-)

  furkin 18:05 21 Apr 04

Hi Newuser,
I bought this printer about 3 weeks ago. So far, I am more than satisfied with it. I use it at home, so it sometimes dosn't get switched on for days.
It had a good write-up somewhere which finally persuaded me. Buy & Enjoy

  Newuser2 18:53 21 Apr 04

Thats that then I'll buy one.
Thanks one and all for your time and info.

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