Info about Acer Aspire T180

  Alf58 22:19 22 Sep 10

We bought this machine for my daughter about four Years ago and she would now like to update the graphics so she can run the latest Sims game. Anyone know how to find out what graphics interface is in the machine so I can purchase something compatible? Is it AGP 12 speed etc? I dont have a Scooby and even if I took the side off I dont suppose you can tell just by looking.

The existing graphics car is an Nvidia GeForce 6100nForce405. Impossible to get info even on that because a GeForce 6100 is a mobile card but 6100n is not listed.

  Quiller. 22:27 22 Sep 10

a pci-e16x graphics card click here like these click here

Just make sure your psu has the right connecters for it.

  Alf58 22:56 22 Sep 10

Thank you for the information. Dont mean to be annoying but are 100% sure? The way my luck is I'll buy a graphics card only to find there is some obscure reason why it wont fit so there'll be all the pain of boxing it up getting a return number blah blah.

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