AJ28 14:48 15 Aug 04

I have recently purchased a nokia 6230 which basicly does everything but make tea, anyway it has an inbuilt mp3 player which i would like to take advantage of before going away tomorrow. But i cannot find how to use this, i am guessing i need to connect it to the computer for a start, now i dont have one of these cables that does this but the phone does have infared. My laptop im sure has an infared but when trying to connect the phone to it via infared it just doesnt find anything. What i'd like to know is do i have to do anything to get the infared working on the laptop? or should it just work? the model of my laptop is Acer TravelMate 240


  Al94 14:58 15 Aug 04

Have you installed Nokia PC Suite on your laptop? Should be on a disc with the phone or avaolable to dowload from the Nokia site

  AJ28 15:42 15 Aug 04

Yes i installed it but none of it seems to work. it says there is a problem please reinstall well i downloaded it also and it says the same

  Al94 15:50 15 Aug 04

go to control panel - wireless link, click on your device and try the trobleshooter

  Al94 15:50 15 Aug 04

go to control panel - wireless link, click on your device and try the trobleshooter

  AJ28 16:13 15 Aug 04

The Nokia PC Suite software doesnt seem to work, any of the applications i click on it says different messages, usually along the lines of 'important files are corrupt, please re-install the software' i have and still the same ive also downloaded it for a different version and it still says the same. Is this because the phone needs to be connected first for it to work?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:45 15 Aug 04

Both the phone and the laptop have to have the Infra red activated.

On laptop lokk in system device manager, an icon in the system tray is usually present when IR switched on

On phone find infra red on menu and switch on and point sensor to sensor on laptop

Beware phone IR switches off quite quickly in can't see laptop or other IR device.

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