Indigo Rose Corp

  shizzy 19:36 13 Apr 04

AVG picked this up during first full scan.This was created and modified before we bought the computer. Does this mean it could have been on the system from new. Can't understand the modified bit. Sorry to start a new thread with this problem but itching for an answer.

  GaT7 19:46 13 Apr 04

Indigo Rose Corp - click here

No, does not necessarily mean it could have been on the system from new.

'Can't understand the modified bit' - please clarify.

Link to your other thread if anyone's interested or needs to know what exactly is happening - click here

  GaT7 19:48 13 Apr 04

Going to have my dinner now & may not be back for a while so hope someone else is around to help you in the meantime : )

  shizzy 20:24 13 Apr 04

Thanks once again Crossbow7 I wronly thought when it was modified that was the last time it was accessed. The file AVG healed was in prog files and called :EHC\HC2\PRINTE
The zipped folder that AVG left was called "helpcentre" containing EHC.Autoplay Media Studio4.ORu also an EHCAPM file
Any suggestions what to do with these?
Norton had passed them by each time. At least they look like a legit company. Could it have been on a disc.

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