Incremental Back-up - How often to change Base Files?

  wee eddie 13 May 13

I am using the W7 back-up to an External WD Drive, which it does once every week.

How often should I delete the lot and start from scratch again?

  Nontek 13 May 13

Depends on how many changes you make to your System and Programs, no need to keep more than two, or at most three, backups. Delete the oldest.

I don't make many changes and make Full Backups using Acronis roughly every three weeks.

  wee eddie 13 May 13

as far as I know that is not how incremental backup's work.

There is one Backup of the whole System and then a copy is added of all the changes made during each intervening period.

  Nontek 13 May 13
  wee eddie 13 May 13

Nontek: I believe that that thread is mistaken, but have insufficient knowledge to say so for certain.

My W7 Backup certainly says that it is doing a backup, every Sunday, when all the required parts of the System are turned on

  Nontek 13 May 13

I must admit, although I have Win7 I never use its' built-in backup system, so I am not sure either. I am pretty sure you are correct in saying that it is doing weekly backups, but I don't trust anything other than Full Backups no matter what program produces them.

In the event of needing to use the saved backups, if only one part of the Incremental has become corrupted in any way, then the whole thing will not work as one would require.

  wee eddie 17 May 13

Bump ~~~ Anyone got any relevant ideas

  john bunyan 17 May 13

I prefer to use Acronis True Image. I do a full image, then another and on the third discard the first, so I have on plus a reserve. I find it takes no more time than an incremental one. I also do a clone to yet another drive. I actually have my main drive partitioned C; and F; - op system and programmes on C for which I use Acronis, and data on F, for which I use Freefilesynch - for making a mirror image very quickly indeed.This latter I do every couple of days, and the C I do when there have been MS updates.(All after a scan for viruses and malware and a defrag.)

  wee eddie 19 May 13

In the total absence of any advice, I have decide to Clear the Back-up Base File every 3rd month, or there about.

The only decision still to be made, is to whether I re-Format the Drive when I delete the old File, but I am thinking that this is probably OTT.


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