incredimail..what is it?

  end 23:49 27 Sep 04

someone is trying to send me something (legitimate) ( to do with my Professional side) by incredimail,whatever that is, but I am finding it impossible to open it; any ideas why that should be? ? conflict of servers or...

  VoG II 23:54 27 Sep 04
  end 00:03 28 Sep 04

u gotta b kiddin" me::)))

  VoG II 00:13 28 Sep 04

Nope. Deadly serious.

  end 00:18 28 Sep 04

gees.....whatever next:)

no wonder my "end" is having a "bit-o"- trubble":(

  Friday's Child 00:34 28 Sep 04

I'm flabbergasted (if that's how it is spelled).

If I received something like that I'd think it was some form of spam with a forged originator's address.

Do you have to use Incredimail to view it or was there something else that stopped you reading it?

  end 00:43 28 Sep 04

I"m "end" do you do::))

but; to be serious for just a moment, if that is possible;

the senders e mail adress looks quite harmelss actually;

and " what stopped you reading it";

am speechless; am still realling

from what I have seen on the site:(

have not yet managed TO open it:(

have gone through a different site to get to it..

  end 00:46 28 Sep 04

we are still pinging messages back and forth to try and find a way of opening it, assuming one exists:( ??

  Friday's Child 00:52 28 Sep 04

I'm very well thankyou and yourself?

Sorry I wasn't intending to suggest that the one you had received was spam merely that if it had arrived in my inbox I would have thought that it was.

Good luck -I hope that you do manage to read your colleague's email eventually.

After the trouble you're having to go to it had better be important :-)

  end 01:00 28 Sep 04

sorry;I was having a "dig" at your being " flagagasted"::))

it is actually for a presentation I am supposed to be doing for my Professional work ( am in the Medical world ),
nd we are still pinging messages back and forth; have asked for a "plain" one to see what effect that has!!

"incredimail"...u aint kiddin" :)

and its arrival in my inbox...have just thought to wonder what my Mailwasher has made of it ..

  Cook2 01:10 28 Sep 04

Have you tried saving the attachment then right clicking on it and 'Open with'? I used to use Incredimail, until the novelty wore off. Only once I had trouble with attachments. I sent my friend a picture which I'd saved in PhotoDraw, unfortunately he didn't have photodraw so I re-sent as a jpeg. Prob. solved.

Good luck.

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