Incredimail has taken over

  slimgee 13:59 27 Jan 09

After downloading this app I find that I dont like using it for recieving emails but fine for sending them. However I cant find a way of it allowing this. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to use IE6/7 for incoming and to select Imail when required for outgoing?

  Andsome 14:16 27 Jan 09

Why not uninstall it once and for all, then run C Cleaner to eradicate it? I have heard of many people who had problems with it.

  birdface 14:21 27 Jan 09

Although I use Incredimail I can still use Outlook Express to send e-mails if I want.So make sure Incredimail is not your E-mail default client and you should still be able to send e-mails from it and you should get any replies straight to you your default e-mail client.

  Graphicool1 14:24 27 Jan 09

Hi slimgee

Is the suffix of IE6/7 '.eml'?

  slimgee 13:38 29 Jan 09

Thanks folks. What I would like is for IE6/7 (I used both at some point) to be my default and for I-mail to be there to use for sending email as and when I want to use it. That for I-mail seems to be not allowed! I have systems set up on IE6 to copy over and save email contents and I dont want to go to the trouble of setting this all up again with I-mail. It does have some nice elements but these for me only relate to the sending of emails and not the receiving.
If no one has an answer then obviously I-mail must go! Slimgee.

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