Increasing digital drawing size

  kimtrnc 30 Sep 11

I work in Painter X. My drawings/paintings look great in Painter, but even if I increase the size in Painter, my amazing artwork maintains the same output size.

I'm absolutely sure this is a simple matter - problem is, I cannot persuade my system to agree with my requests. (Story of my computing life - it was all so much simpler when we used DOS..!!)

If it's relevant, I am still using good old XP

  eedcam 30 Sep 11

By increasing thwe size do you mean you have changed the print size or the image size ? if you are changing the print size and dont resample then the image size will remain the same ie X m/bytes though the resolution will change ie PPi However if you choose resample then the resolution will remain the same but the Image(file size )will alter

  kimtrnc 30 Sep 11

eedcam,thanks for answering. I don't quite understand what you mean by "resample"

I am able to change the size of my work inside Painter, by using the various sliders.

I can enlarge my pictures in Painter as much as I like, but as soon as I leave Painter the image has reverted to a very much smaller pic, and I can't find a way of enlarging it.

I would like to print onto A3 (I have an A3 colour printer) or even bigger, with the best of my work.

I have also tried changing the number of pixels - this doesn't seem to work, either.

I am sure this is some really obvious mistake I am making - but I am VERY OLD!!

  Woolwell 30 Sep 11

I think that you should be resizing the canvas see Resize files in painter x and the last post on the page.


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