Increase partion size with unformated space on HDD

  Will 13:45 22 Nov 07

I have a 120 gig HDD, XP Home, 2gig AMD, 1 gig RAM system. The HDD was formatted to 5 partitions of 20 Gigs (I thought it was 6 but I will get back to that in a minute), anyway the C drive is down to 1.6Gig of free space. I have asked about taking space from another drive but on further investigation and going into "Computer Management and Disk Management" it seems I have 16.8 gigs of space on the disk I did not format. Is there anyway I could increase the C drive size using this spare 16 Gigs?

  Will 13:53 22 Nov 07

What is an Extended Partiton? If I right click the "Freee Space" could I have it added to the C drive as an extended drive?

  Will 14:03 22 Nov 07

okay so the plot thickens! I am reading more, I have 1 x Primary partition and 4 x logical drives with this 16.8 gigs unalloated, does this help?

  xania 14:09 22 Nov 07

Some partition managers allow you distribute your spare space equally to all your other partitions, which may resolve your problem, but will only increase your C:\ partition by about 2 Gb. Otherwise, you can extend the C:\ partition but only taking on space that is contiguous. I suspect you'll find that the spare is at the far end of the HHD, so you'll first have to move some space to the near end of you extended partition by shifting all the partitions along, then reduce the size of your extended partition then add the space to your C:\ partition. You will need to use a partition manager to do this - you cannot use FDISK once you have data on the drive.

What is an Extended Partiton?

The primary partition can only contain up to 3 partitions - your C:\ partition is one - and hecne, if you need more partitions (as you do) you need an extended partition, which takes up one of the 3 primary partitions, but is essentially a cabinet into which you can place as many partitions as you have letters available.

  Will 14:15 22 Nov 07

Thanks Xania.... Think I may have to buy a partition manager! Thanks again for your help.

  stylehurst 17:15 22 Nov 07

Try Ranish, it is as far as I know a freeby which will do thew same as Partition Manager.

  skidzy 17:32 22 Nov 07

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