incorrect dual CPU in device manager..

  Flying Teddy 11:14 02 May 05

I note that in device manager, under 'computer' it says I have a dual processor machine. I do not. Under 'processors' it lists two versions of the correct processor. I tried (with some trepidation) deleting one of the processor entries, did the necessary restart, but the second CPU entry remained.

My system is FoxConn 865A01 mobo, and a single P4 CPU. XP Pro.

I am loath to start messing about with the 'computer' entry in device manager without guidance 'cos I'm bound to completely disable my machine!

I'd be grateful for any help anybody can offer..!

  Tree3 11:17 02 May 05

some P4's have a logical processor which comes up as a CPU, i have a P4 (ht tech) and it comes up with 2 cpu's

  Flying Teddy 11:26 02 May 05

To be precise, the decice manager reports a 'ACPI Multiprocessor PC'. I've no idea what one of those is, but since it's actually working, perhaps I shouldn't worry so much?

  3.06 Ghz 11:29 02 May 05

If its a later pentium 4, it may well have HT (hypethreading). This means that there is a real processor and a logical one (like an imaginary one). This means that windows xp believes you have two processors, instead of just one.

  Flying Teddy 11:40 02 May 05

My CPU is only a couple of months old so looks like you've hit the button. seems like I'm worrying over nothing! Many thanks to you both.

  Joe R 11:47 02 May 05

Flying Teddy,

this may give you some more info. click here

  Flying Teddy 13:44 02 May 05

Nice link, thanks.


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