Incorrect Date and time.

  ribo 10:28 19 Sep 07

On starting this computer this AM I noticed that the date and time were incorrect (about 11 hours slow). I have corrected this but was wondering if there is anything I should do, or just wait and see. The Computer is about 4½ years old.
XP Home SP2. Thanks J

  Clapton is God 10:33 19 Sep 07

Probably your CMOS battery about to die click here

  birdface 10:34 19 Sep 07

Wait and see,If it does it again after rebooting ,You will probably need a new Motherboard battery,£2-£5 in any computer store.

  ribo 13:49 19 Sep 07

Thank you both for your quick replies and help.
I shall wait and see as you suggest and then change the battery if needs be. (if I am able). Thanks again J

  harps1h 14:02 19 Sep 07

check your regional settings it maybe changed to pacific times

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