Incoming email notification

  dogbreath1 16:07 20 Feb 05

BT broadband Yahoo Premium/ Outlook Express. Windows XP SP2. Is there a ( program available to provide me with notification of received emails... whether audibly, by some form of popup or whatever. Any help much appreciated ta!

  Jeffers22 16:11 20 Feb 05

You can do that in Outlook Express. Tools > Options Under the General Tab is an option to play a sound when mails is received. Set it to download mail every (say) 10 minutes, and the sound you selected will play when new mail arrives. New mail is also shown by a little envelope in system tray in OE

  buscrew 16:12 20 Feb 05

click here and scroll down.

  VoG II 16:14 20 Feb 05
  dogbreath1 17:02 20 Feb 05

Thanks a lot Jeffers22, buscrew and VoG. Bit of information overload I think! Currently working my way through the posts/links etc.. I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for somewhere in that lot. Again many thanks.

  AngeTheHippy 17:11 20 Feb 05

Ya know The Crazy Frog? I've put that as my notification of incoming mail....probably sends the neighbours mad, but I CAN hear it downstairs!!!!!


  dogbreath1 19:45 20 Feb 05

AngeTheHippy, I'm glad I don't live next door to you!! :D
After a good mooch, I downloaded Agent E-mail Notifier (v.1.0.a)'AGMAIL' by Softnik. It works great with BTYahoo mail but sadly I cannot access my Hotmail account by using pop3/smtp protocol unless I subscribe to the paid for service. Merlin appears as if by magic to give brief details of received mail and I've configured AGMAIL to launch Outlook Express when mail is found to facilitate instant access to it. Many thanks again for the assistance.

  curlylad 21:38 20 Feb 05

I know you have this thread ticked but thought I would just add this as an option , you can download Incredimail for free , you can add all sorts of emoticons and animations to your emails and lots of other stuff including getting a notifier of an email arriving , you can choose from several different ones.Anyway you can have a look at it here click here

  dogbreath1 21:53 20 Feb 05

Many thanks curlylad. I'll have look. Cheers!

  Clint2 01:05 21 Feb 05

Just a thought. If you use Mailwasher. Open it. Then minimize it. It will then sit in your system tray and let you know when incoming mail arrives.

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