InCD - problem on start up!

  ROCKHARD 08:04 14 Feb 04

Can anyone advise me re the problem with InCD. When I start up my computer (running Windows ME) the start up procedure goes to plan until it tries to load InCD - the computer occasionally frezes at this point and the only solution is to switch off & start it up again when everything goes OK. Any ideas as to how I can prevent this happening - it doesn't occur every time - possibly 1 - 2 per week, but its annoying. Thanks.

  Diemmess 09:42 14 Feb 04

I hope I am not stating the obvious, but have you tried NOT loading InCD at start-up.

It seems good practice to avoid all but a few basic things at Startup and then choose an application when the desktop has "matured"

  ROCKHARD 10:12 14 Feb 04

Thanks Diemess - sorry to sound a bit thick but how do I remove InCD from startup?

  VoG II 10:22 14 Feb 04

Start, Run, type in


and click OK.

Look for InCD on the Startup tab and untick it. OK your way out of msconfig.

  ROCKHARD 11:04 14 Feb 04

Many thanks VoG - I've done what you've suggested.

How would we manage without the wealth of knowledge & experience on the PCA web-site?


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