Incd 4017/4056 both stop my adsl repeatedly

  Chegs ® 16:39 23 Feb 04

I have Nero 5/XP Home/512K ADSL.

I have just discovered why my connection keeps disconnecting for upto 10 mins,then reconnecting again.This problem has been afflicting my puter after each reinstall of XP Home/Pro for months.The last couple of days it has refused to allow internet radio+surfing,but if I leave the radio playing and not touch the puter,it usually stays connected(but not always)I have tried updated USB drivers(and succeeded in crashing XP Pro,but the connection worked faultlessly afterwards)on XP Home,this didn't work.I have updated the Via Drivers,this hasn't helped.The ADSL modem is a Conexant PCI modem.As the problem has been so erratic,it has been difficult to locate what software has been installed prior to the dropped line,until I changed from XP Pro back to Home at the weekend,and set to reinstalling my software.

I set to earlier,formatted my C:\ drive,reinstalled XP Home,visited Update site to collect these,waited a few hours(no prob online)then installed Nero's burning software,and the connection started dropping.I updated In-cd from 4017 to 4056,and still the connection drops.I have Nero 6,which I will try installing next to see if it cures the prob,but just wondered if there was anyone with a similar problem(ADSL dropping offline)and also has Nero? or if anyone has any other suggestions to try.

  Chegs ® 18:36 23 Feb 04

Installed Nero 6,with updated InCd to 4157 and (so far)my connection has remained connected for a full 17 minutes! Just updating Nero Burning ROM didn't help,so its almost 100% sure that InCd causes my connection woes.Downloading the Nero updates was a trial,as the ruddy connection dropped three times during the d/l.

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