Improving sound on PC's CD player

  prozac1947 16:02 11 May 03

When I play cd's through my PC it sounds very tinny and has no bass. I have been told there is something you can download to improve the sound.
Can anyone help either to buy or free !!

Also is there a way for me to connect my mini CD player to my PC ????

  rmn 16:49 11 May 03

there should be a 3.5mm line in jack plug on the back of your soundcard for attacching your mini cd.for better sound by some decent speakers with a subwoofer that should cure the can also get 5.1 surround cards dead cheap now.darren

your sound quality is much more related to your hardware than software, consider how much you want to spend then look into some new speakers there are some sets with a bassbin that are reasonably cheap at £30-£40 but as with any stereo equipment you can spend hundreds . you'll probably want to improve your sound card particularly if you have onboard sound, again you can spend any amount of money from £10-> £250

as for software Winamp is a good player, good equaliser and fully skinnable oh and completely free click here

  prozac1947 17:05 11 May 03

Thanks to both, I am still trying to find correct jack - as I have no idea where the sound card is !! I do have Winamp but didn't realise I could alter it - here goes !!!!!!!!!!!!

  hugh-265156 17:13 11 May 03

if you have speakers wired out of phase ie/ + to - back to front this will cause a lack of bass.have a look in soundsand audiodevices/volume/advanced and adjust sliders for bass and treble here if listed and check under speakersettings/advanced/speakersetup and choose the type of speaker closest to the type you have.

  taipan 18:51 11 May 03

You should give a try to QCD which is an mp3 player with much better sound quality than winamp you can download it from

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