Improve picture on HDTV

  iqs 19 Jun 12

Hi, I posted a thread regarding using my 37 inch led HDTV as a pc monitor.the response was it will work,but the picture will not as good as a pc led monitor . I can't really fault the picture so far,but have noticed hat photos don't look as good,plus text is not as defined and bold as with the pc monitor .also when I surf the web,the results lited are rather small. Keeping the resolution ,is there a way to improve things ?

Many thanks

  KRONOS the First 19 Jun 12

I have a 32" TV And when I had a HTPC connected to it it took a while to get a reasonable screen but it was never as good as my monitor a Dell Ultrasharp U2711 but as it's use was mainly for viewing videos and slide-shows it served its purpose. I know my TV has lots of adjustments I can make so I would suggest just playing around with various settings/resolutions etc.

As Chronus suggests: with any luck, you'll have a menu of picture pre-sets, one of which may be to enable your TV to act more like a monitor. Most modern TVs have presets for e.g. sports, movies and so on that adjust individual picture elements to better suit the content that's being shown.

  iqs 20 Jun 12

Hi Thanks all for the help. I have played with the tv settings and the gfx settings,still the same . There is an option on th Samsung called pc settings,but it's not available ',probably because I'm using hdmi connection ,I think. Will have a look and see what other connections are available for pc connection. Thanks


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