Importing music from audio tapes on Windows 7

  Novice Trevor 12:05 03 Jan 11

I'm having difficulties recording my old cassettes to WMP12 on my new computer with Windows 7 Home.
I have an ION usb turntable with 3.5mm input jack which will only record through iTunes. (Something I do not want, as Apple software seemed to take over my old computer, slowing it down).
Using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable, connecting the cassette deck "phones" socket to the computer's "line in" (blue) socket and Audacity, still nothing. I've tried advice from other sites which recommend altering input and output settings on my sound card. Having done that it's still not working and my new computer is as confused as me.
Is there a very simple program that will interface with my Buddy Holly cassettes and WMP, without having to resort to Apple software or complicated Audacity programs?
Novice Trevor

  northumbria61 12:09 03 Jan 11

Have a look here Trevor - click here using AUDACITY free recording and editing software.

  northumbria61 12:11 03 Jan 11

Sorry - I missed the comment you made about Audacity - however the instructions appear easy enough to follow.

  QuizMan 12:20 03 Jan 11

Have you checked that the line in socket is not muted on the PC?

Also, it might help if we knew what type of cassette deck you are using.

  eedcam 14:39 03 Jan 11

Have you set audacity to Stereo mix as apart from that there is nowt complicated about it

  Novice Trevor 13:39 04 Jan 11

Quizman gave me a clue. I switched computer's speakers, connected the Sanyo DA 170 deck to the ION usb turntable and used Audacity. Programmed Audacity to accept "raw data" from the ION deck and so far the computer does the rest, except there is no sound from the computer's speakers during recording.
Many thanks to all who took the time to help. NT

  eedcam 15:15 04 Jan 11

If you go to audacity click File>Perferences and tick play new track while recording that my well give yousound

  Novice Trevor 12:54 05 Jan 11

Great, everything is working fine now, thanks to you all. It's surprising what tick boxes you miss, when you're fired up to record 25 cassette tapes. I shall look more carefully at the WMP12 instructions, before I attempt to edit the recorded WAV files I've transferred.
Many thanks, NT

  eedcam 15:04 05 Jan 11

Trevor dont get carried away with the editing remember Less is Best

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