Important DNS problem with CNAME records...

  Gaz 25 17:51 08 Feb 06


I was using, because basically I have an address like which has a list of A records for about 8 routers, which forward the traffic then onto the servers. Reason for this, loadbalancing, etc.

Now, basically - the problem is... i have an address, which has a cname to and a click here to as well as a * cname to

However, click here works, works... BUT... doesn't.

It won't work, because you HAVE to have an A record for the qualified domain to work, otherwise it violates RFC, so BIND won't accept it..

Ok, so try They use BIND, so no use.

I bought Simple DNS server, 5 zone, this didn't work as well, all required A records... and then... tried the Win server 03 DNS, same...

So did a simple cname, but NO other dns server or service can get, you MUST have www. infront, or a subdomain of for it to work..

Most people don't put www.

So, how can I get my site back to how it was with

Thanks in advance.

So I added a

  Softstag 23:53 08 Feb 06

I'm not sure this is the best forum for asking questions about DNS. This is complex stuff, and I doubt many people here will have experience of DNS, never mind load balancing.

Have you tried click here ZoneEdit offer some excellent DNS features, mostly for free. I use them for my website. I know they allow load balancing and configuring multiple A records and a CNAME record.

Hope this helps.

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