Important Advice About Itunes For New Desktop Please!!!

  julius44 03 May 11

Hello and good morning to you all. I need some help and very important advice please. I currently have an XP 32 bit desktop PC, and I've just ordered a brand new 64 bit windows 7 desktop machine. My itunes library with is currently stored on an external hard drive...and I have loadz of playlists that ive made...which took me AGES to make. I'd like to transfer ALL my playlists from my old XP desktop, to my new windows Desktop, once my new desktop arrives....and Im hoping that this is possible and the easiest way to do this please. My external drive is where all my music is, its a 1 TB seagate external hard drive. ....for those that are familiar with itunes...under the advanced settings I did the following: Itunes Media folder location:E(my external hard drive) Keep itunes media folder organised( the box is ticked) Copy files to itunes media library when adding to library(box also ticked)

Many thanks

  bremner 03 May 11

Apple Support shows how to back up lirary to external hard drive and restore to another computer

  julius44 03 May 11

Thanks for link bremner, and you are right, it does show how to back up library to external drive, which i've done before with no probs, BUT it doesn't mention anything about how I can transfer all my playlists from my old pc to my new pc. I'm just concerned as ive made quite a few itunes playlists. My current system is Windows 7 XP 32 bit. My new system is going to be a 64 bit windows 7 i'm looking for info how on keeping my playlists on my new pc when i install itunes on it.


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