Imageshack or better?

  Diemmess 30 Apr 11

Over the years I've noticed how much easier to explain a point with a picture (louder than words!)

I would appreciate members' recommendations on which Website to use and any snags which may be lurking in the background?

  robin_x 30 Apr 11

Dropbox would be an idea these days wouldn't it?

Can link to files, photo galleries and folders then.

How to link with Dropbox

  VoG II 30 Apr 11

My preference for pictures is link text

For other files I use link text

But a lot of this is down to personal preference.

  Diemmess 01 May 11

Thanks for good concise suggestions.

Any snags to watch for?

At present I shall use this rarely, but want a facility which fills the bill without fuss on those rare occasions.

  SparkyJack 01 May 11

As with VoG having been around most of them I have settled on tinypic

Does the job

  rdave13 01 May 11

I use Photobucket. Make sure your account is private and log off after use. Used it for years and quite happy with it. As above - it's personal preference.

  Diemmess 02 May 11

Anyone or rdave13 -

Have registered with Photobucket and uploaded a pic. Now what?

Have already been told I should have a private a/c and to log off. So far am Public and didn't log off, but should be able to correct that.

  Diemmess 02 May 11

.........Drat, posted the previous one unfinished!

How do I construct and place a link to this picture in a PCA forum? It would seem to have to be as HTTP.......etc

(Using BT Yahoo and IE8)

  anchor 02 May 11

Here is an example using Imageshack. You open the reply section, and click on the globe symbol with an arrow to open the http link. You can rename the link to whatever you wish.

my picture

About this picture: I recently celebrated my birthday, and knowing that I am keen on my satnav, one of the family sent me this card. It amused me.

  woodchip 02 May 11

If the Link Icon does not show, as its not doing for me at the moment above the box you post messages. Just copy paste the Address from the Page you want to link to. As anybody that knows how to use a comp can copy your link into a browser Address Bar then press enter

  rdave13 02 May 11

Just uploaded this image, show link

Circled in red is where you get the direct link. Left click to auto copy then you can paste here via the hyper link.

You should get this, screen shot

After all this I hope I got it right...


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