Images not being recieved from a particular sender

  SparkyJack 20 Jun 11

One of my flock reported that a recipient of his E-mail complained they were not seeing any image allegedly sent.

When I checked- [I asked him to send me a mail with an image-] I did not get the images either ,just the familiar frame with a greyed out icon,

Images normally appear in this chaps mail-

It would appear than that something his end has changed - But what?

  Woolwell 20 Jun 11

Is he receiving html or plain text and sending in plain text?

Which e-mail client?

  Diemmess 20 Jun 11


  SparkyJack 20 Jun 11

Well that's my thinking as I mentioned in my post and to him in a response and all here that some how he has managed to 'knock off' a setting - No response yet.

I do seem to recall this was a common complaint a long time ago- not so much these days.

In PCA's old style we could do a data base search Is it still possible?, havn't found out to so far or perhaps this is something we have loast

  SparkyJack 20 Jun 11

Well now he has responded as I wrote, to report that other contacts also say -' Where is the pix'

I note that he is a Hotmail user -perhaps something to do with the site - though he wrote that there seemmed to me no 'Help' assistance he could find.

  Sea Urchin 20 Jun 11

Images sent in Hotmail have to be attachments - they won't transmit in the body of the email. And it would be interesting to know how he managed to paste the image into the mail - it's often not possible to do so.

This explains more fully

Embedded images


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