Images don't download, I only get a blank box

  renard 22 Feb 13

I'm running Windows 8 on a brand new PC.

When opening emails which contain images, often the images don't download quickly. All I get are blank boxes with a tiny square in the centre. (Right click gives options, including Open Image in New Window.)

If several images in the message, sometimes some will appear while others do not. They will download eventually, usually if I close and then re-open the email.

I occasionally get the same blank boxes when trying to download images from other sources besides email. For example, when I tried to download an offer voucher from a website, the barcode etc would not appear - all I got was that blank box with a tiny square in the centre.

Any help gratefully received, guys!

  lotvic 13 Mar 13

Which email client are you using? (the email program on your W8 pc)

  lotvic 13 Mar 13

Posted too soon..... meant also to ask which Browser and what anti virus prog and web content checker, as they can all slow down downloading as they perform their respective checks.

  renard 13 Mar 13

Hi lotvic

Thanks for your interest.

Browser is Google Chrome.

Email is Gmail.

Antivirus is Windows Defender (formerly known as Microsoft Security Essentials).

  tullie 14 Mar 13

i thought that Defender and MSI were completely different programs,one for malware,the other antivirus?

  renard 14 Mar 13

No doubt you are correct, tullie.

My misunderstanding is due to the fact that with Windows 8 we get told "Defender replaces MSE, so there's no need to have MSE in Windows 8".

More here:


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