images do not appear on downloaded site

  dobbin 09 Jan 09

My problem is the opposite to most image problems. I have just downloaded my web site [not designed by me] into Expression Web2, which I have just purchased. However I cannot get the images or styles to show although they all show perfectly on the published web site.

I have tried downloading again and synchronising, all to no avail.

I guess there must be something somewhere in Expression that you can click that says something like 'show images'. I found how to show styles but not images.

Can one of you experts out there point me in the right direction.

  tims31 09 Jan 09

When you say you have downloaded you web site, do you mean you just took a copy of the source code? If thats the case then you also need the css file and image folder that the source code links to, to be able to see them and the styling.

In the code for your site it will refer to a link of where the css file and the images are stored and load them from there.

  dobbin 09 Jan 09

I imported the web site using the 'import web site wizard'. I thought it was an exact copy of what was on the remote server. All the files seem to match in the remote site and local site and the image folder is there so why does the site not behave locally as it does remotely? Even when I view the local site in a browser it does not show the images whereas it does in when viewed in the same browser remotely.

  Forum Editor 09 Jan 09

to your hard drive?

  Forum Editor 09 Jan 09

Advice in stereo.

  dobbin 09 Jan 09

fourm member, I did this from 'publish', remote to local and that's why I'm so surprised that its not behaving the same way as it does on the remote site.

How do I publish the site to my hard drive? Is this different from viewing pages in my browser?

  dobbin 10 Jan 09

Fourm member, have only just picked up your last response.

Yes I have tried 'file 'publish site' etc and downloaded this way as well.

Yes images are in the image folder.

Regarding source code, to see if the link to the folder is there, this is where I am stumped, not sure what I should be looking for as I am illiterate and I can't read HTML. Can you please give me a clue. I think this will be the answer if I knew what to do.

I thought I might try downloading using cute ftp

  dobbin 12 Jan 09

Fourm memeber thanks for your advice which I took and I've found the problem. I compared the recently downloaded code with one I downloaded last month which displayed ok. This is what I found:- on the original it read for example:-
<link href="style.css", whereas the one which would not work read ,link href="../style.css"

likewise with the images for example the one that worked read:-
<a href="enquiry.htm"<>img src="images/contacttop.gif"

whereas the other read:-
<a href="../enquiry.htm"<>img src="../images/contacttop.gif"

How did the ../ get into all the links so they did not work on the local site although they still worked on the remote.


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