image/picture problem

  mrefc 21:39 03 Aug 06

i'm not seeing any images on websites, jpegs, avatars, even images on ebay etc. this happened last night too. however when i was on net earlier today it was ok. now i'm back on again and same problem is back.

can anybody help?


  mrefc 21:46 03 Aug 06

anybody? this is doing my nut in!

  Jak_1 21:52 03 Aug 06

Could be due to servermaintainance with the server running slow and with more peeps being on the net in the evening then the pics are timing out. Nothing to worry about methinks. Thursday is always maintanance day getting ready for the weekend onslaught.

  mrefc 21:57 03 Aug 06

i hope you're right, but its only just started happening recently and its not all pictures, some still sneak through. does maint work get done on a weds too?

  imacd 22:31 03 Aug 06

Have you looked under Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Multimedia and made sure there is a check next to 'Show Pictures'?
It wouldn't explain the intermittant problem though!

  mrefc 13:11 04 Aug 06

thanks imacd

the box is ticked. logged on net this morning. pictures fine, now they've gone again??

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