image stuck in Paint program ; how do I clear it?

  p;3 17:20 25 Mar 05

win 98se here and IE6

have been practicing with screan shots on a forum; however, I have somehow managed to get an image stuck in paint program; when I open the paint program, instead of seeing the expected blank paint screan, I get the screan but with a small white box in the top left hand corner; I cannot see any way of clearing the paint memory and no matter what I now do in the paint program , all I now produce is the white square , and when it is clicked on on the forum page, of corse it does nowt;can anyone please assist?

I have tried creating a new image via the program but all it seems to want to do is reproduce this white square:(

  octal 17:25 25 Mar 05

Have you tried removing the Paint program and reinstalling it? Make sure you have your 98 Disk. Alternatively try putting the computer back to a date before this happened with scanreg/ restore from the command line .

  p;3 17:46 25 Mar 05

am not sure of the validity of the CD and am not keen yet to try a restore ( am in the middle of sorting out an infected PC and need my one up and running properly to do it;)

is there a way of clearing the paint memory,without going into the Registry?

  octal 17:50 25 Mar 05

It might be a silly question, have done a search for the file? It must be lurking somewhere.

  p;3 17:55 25 Mar 05

can you explain that a bit more please; I have rebooted and opened Paint program and still have the small white square stuck in the thing; I cannot get a blank new page as I ought to:((

I want to get rid of the thing:)

  octal 18:01 25 Mar 05

I'm not in Windows at the moment so I can't check, but from memory isn't that little white square the drawing tablet? Can you put the cursor on the bottom right hand corner and drag it open? Then try drawing in it.

That little white square opens by default when Pain opens.

  octal 18:03 25 Mar 05

when pain opens? It should be Paint of course, blinking spellchecker.

  p;3 18:05 25 Mar 05

I have expanded that whilte square; now wot do I do with it apart from scribble in it!!??

  octal 18:06 25 Mar 05

This is the Linux version of paint, is this what you're getting?:

click here

  p;3 18:07 25 Mar 05

yes, but a hell of a lot smaller white square:) I"ve now expanded it and played with the pencil in it; now to do what with it?

  octal 18:08 25 Mar 05

You can scribble in it, or if you open an image it will place it in that blank window. Try it.

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