image-shack problems; very slow ----- am I alone?

  p;3 01:23 16 Aug 05

this is the url to imageshack
click here opening and/or using imageshack has, in my recent experience, become horrendously slow and difficult, despite my being on a faster BB connection now;I seem to be seeing ?a lot more ads on it than ever before; the page seems almost impossible to open, then takes an age to Host the link, let alone host it on any site that I post it on;

has the program slowed up or is it just me?

  dagwoood 02:13 16 Aug 05

Good morning p;3 :)

I have found that ImageShack was running really slow, both late Monday night and at the moment.

I was trying to host an image a few hours ago but just gave up in the end. I tried again about quarter of an hour later and I didn't have a problem.

I've just clicked on a thumbnail(the image was on ImageShack)on another forum and the picture wouldn't load at all.

HTH, dagwoood.

  p;3 02:20 16 Aug 05

"morning to thee; way past me bed time:))

however, trying to complete a task, one of the horrid links on my desktop refuses to open; have they increased the ads or is it me?
|I have never know it to struggle so:((

  dagwoood 02:37 16 Aug 05

p;3, I can't say I've noticed any more ads. I can click on your above link and, at the moment, it opens quickly.

The problem may just be with the site itself; i.e.there are a lot of people trying to access the site at the moment or they may have server problems.


  ade.h 13:56 16 Aug 05

It wouldn't open at all when I tried it just now. Hopefully a short-term glitch.

  p;3 14:08 16 Aug 05

I wonder if it depends on where the gremlins are are taking their snack ?it has just openeed like grease lightening for me, just when I was expecting to "sit and make me cup of tea" while it decided to think about it:)

however, must not speak too soon:)

last nite it even gave me "cant find server":((

  CurlyWhirly 23:42 16 Aug 05

I too have found Imageshack slow recently but it seems to be back to normal now.

  dagwoood 16:58 18 Aug 05

At the moment I can't connect to the site at all, I'm getting time out errors :(

  VoG II 18:25 18 Aug 05

Opens straight away here.

  p;3 21:45 19 Aug 05

is anyone now getting ads IN the pictures etc they open via imgageshack ; just been presented with a virtually full page one while opening a JPG link elsewhere;

  dan11 22:14 19 Aug 05

Opened quickly and hosted quickly, just as usual.

Yes there was a new image there. click here

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