Image for email address

  Graham ® 12:16 17 Apr 06

Taff™ suggests (in Helproom) putting your email address as an image, as this will help prevent spam harvesting.

Can anyone tell me the best way to make such an image? I've tried using Word, Paint, Picture It! so far, but the results were blurred.

  cycoze 14:46 17 Apr 06

If you want to use paint, open paint and select the text tool, drag a text box to size and type in the address (use something easy to read like arial size 10).

If you now use the selection tool, drag a box around the text as close as you can without touching the text, click on `edit` then on copy or cut, click on `file` then `new`(you will be asked if you want to save the open image click `no`(this might seem an odd way of doing things but when you paste into the new image it will go to the top left corner making it easier to resize the canvas.

So with the new blank canvas click on edit then paste, now drag the bottom right corner of the canvas (may need to click on the grey area behind the canvas to get the drag symbols to show)up to the text until your happy with the image, save as jpg, should work out at less than 2kb.

This may seem long winded but you can do it in less than a minute, honest.

  ade.h 14:59 17 Apr 06

Does your web authoring software not allow you to place text on images, which will become embedded in the finished output? That's my preferred method.

  Graham ® 17:17 17 Apr 06

Thanks both, I shall experiment. I like the idea of text on a picture, hadn't thought of that.

I may do both!

  Graham ® 18:19 17 Apr 06

Text on image gives the best effect click here

  anchor 15:57 18 Apr 06

Easier alternative to stop address harvesting:

click here

it works!.

  ScarFace(M.O.D) 12:56 02 May 06

yeh im just learning html, literally. but i did find the making a picture and adding the link from the picture with text on it really really easy. loox good 2! :)

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