Image Compressor

  websurfowen 20:10 11 Mar 07

Has anyone used/ know a jpeg image compressor?

  VoG II 20:13 11 Mar 07

As far as I know JPGs are already compressed so you can't compress them much further.

  anchor 11:38 12 Mar 07

They are compressed, but depending of the level of original compression, it can be increased; (with a further loss of quality).

Paint shop Pro gives you the option of the level of compression, (and even shows you an example of the results).

Other photo programmes offer similar facilities.

  anchor 13:46 12 Mar 07

To illustrate this, here are two examples of the same picture, with low and high compression.

click here

The first image is about 690Kb, the second about 88Kb.

  MAJ 14:00 12 Mar 07

There are lots of image packages available which will do what you wish,some are free, try "Irfanview", it's pretty good. click here

  hunted 18:05 16 Sep 07


I wish to compress a photo from 1mb to 500kb or less, are there any tools or software within windows xp that i can use to carry out this task without having to download any software of the net. Any help would be appreciated.

  woodchip 18:20 16 Sep 07

My Pictur Edit program does just as it says above, Can be compressed to whatever but you will lose quality

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